It’s all about the brows

Rachel Adams

Eyebrows are the focal point of your face.

I strongly believe that eyebrows are the single most important feature of your face because they bring dramatic attention to your eyes, nose, lips, chin, and forehead whether they are perfectly shaped or not.  Having perfectly-shaped eyebrows that correctly frame your facial profile and structures, can vividly improve the appearance of your other facial features. With perfectly-shaped eyebrows that are tailored to your face, you will have more self-confidence and spend less time in the beauty aisle.

Eyebrows can flatter your face or insult it. 

Uneven or oddly-shaped brows will detract from your appearance. Finding the perfect eyebrow shape, width, length, arch, and thickness that complement your face will bring positive attention to your entire eye area and can make them appear wider, bigger, brighter, and even younger! It can balance the shape and size of your nose, lips and forehead – flattering features that, despite being beautiful, look slightly out of harmony.

At Avalon Beauty Bar we will give you the perfect brows you deserve.  With the long-lasting and perfect brows that you will get through our microblading, ombré and hybrid brow techniques, you will wake up looking and feeling beautiful, every day.